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Alles über artecardamonealessandro

In 2001, I received an invitation to showcase my artwork at an exhibition featuring young European artists in France. Despite already having gained recognition as an artist, I was honored with a special invitation as a guest of honor.


Participating in this international exhibition, which featured over 80 artists from diverse countries, allowed me to present my works to a broader audience for the first time.


The success of this exhibition, both personally and artistically, underscored that my distinctive style stood out among fellow artists, marked by its originality and vibrant Mediterranean colors. This uniqueness, perhaps, emanates from the fact that my artistic approach defies comparison to techniques and teachings commonly found in art schools.


The overwhelmingly positive reception, evident in press coverage and photographs, paradoxically stems from my lack of immersion in artistic circles or formal art education. This freedom enables me to depict the reality around me without the constraints of academic norms.


Subsequently, my artistic journey expanded to encompass numerous international exhibitions in galleries, communities (including school programs), hotels (such as Starwood Hotels' exclusive resorts on the Costa Smeralda), a multinational pharmaceutical company, DSM, and various sectors of the tertiary industry.


However, a pinnacle moment for me was the invitation from the University of Fine Arts in Madrid to introduce my painting style to their students. Following the exhibition, one of my pieces found a place in the university's private collection.


My extensive travels have provided inspiration for themes such as "Femme au Café du Louvre," "Mare," "Donne in spiaggia," "Donne al Museo," and "African Pre-Colombian Art." Each canvas reflects personal experiences and situations.


Notably, my works deliberately steer clear of conveying pain, loneliness, illness, personal frustration, or any form of violence. Life has already subjected us to these hardships. Instead, I hope that the colors and forms in my artwork resonate with those who appreciate it, offering a sense of harmony and warmth.


I anticipate that my paintings, once on display, will elicit a striking and memorable response, whether positive or negative. Having forgone formal artistic education, I've chosen not to impose limitations on the definition of art or the interpretation of emotions transformed into art.


To me, painting, like jazz, is about creating a unique style, a means of differentiation that ensures one never repeats the same composition.

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